Welcome to our Home

First and foremost Kentswold is our home, but it is also the path by which we are seeking to create a sustainable life for our family.  Our goal is to limit how much we have to draw on big agriculture and big business to feed us and provide for our needs.  We are not survivalists per se, but we do believe strongly in the importance of being able to survive.
Greg is the rational driving force behind the farm, Petra is the primary support staff and local fiber addict.  If a fiber animal is added to the farm, it's her fault (just wait, Petra will talk Greg into angora bunnies one of these days), if a non-fiber but tasty animal is added, it was Greg's decision.  with us is our 9 year old farm girl, who upon learning that a particularly cute lamb was a ram changed her tune from "oh how cute, can we keep her?" to "Oh he looks yummy!"

Besides 'The Monkeys' (as the humans are collectively known), there are 2 dogs (Sally-9 & Jett-1 - all rescues), 2 cats (Tiger-14 & Sophie-1.5), 1 corn snake (Graham-7), 16 Shetland Sheep, a mutt flock of chickens (anywhere from 10-25 depending on the day, time of year, etc.) and usually a rotating collection of pigs, ducks, or turkeys.  Most of what we produce is consumed by us (and our guests). 

This page is to share information on two key points, the Kentswold Sheltands and Greg's Farrier Business.  More information on both of those can be found on their page.

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